Quality Check and Setup

Would you order a guitar that nobody checked?

A pre-shipment inspection and setup service like no other online store can boast of.

What does FREE SETUP mean?

FREE SETUP is a really synthetic statement: it is much more than you can imagine.

Our quality inspection, on arrival and departure, make sure that every instrument leaving our stores stands within the brand's quality standards and is ready to play. Gino Guitars's Staff is professionally trained to inspect and setup.

Inbound Each instrument arriving to our warehouse gets inspected for functions and aesthetics.

On average, 5% of the instruments delivered to us don't pass our quality inspection and get returned to the supplier, saving headaches to our customers.
Outbound Each instrument ordered through our websites and e-commerce platforms, before shipment, gets inspected and setup again, so that we are able to deliver instruments ready to play.

Those precautions allow Gino Guitars an high satisfaction rate and one of the lowest return rate on the market, lower than 0.1%.

Our service consists of two phases: Quality Check and Setup.

What does our Setup include? What does our Quality Check include?

Setup consists of all those setting operations aimed at improving comfort and performance of your instrument.

Our Setup process includes:

  • Truss Rod Setting
  • Bridge Setting
  • Intonation Setting

Our Quality Check verify that the instrument is within the brand standards, making sure there aren't any aesthetic or functional anomalies, inconsistent with the type and the level of the product.

  • Finish Check
  • Electronics Check
  • Tuners Check
  • Tuning Stability Check
  • Nut Check
  • Fretboard and Frets Check
  • Vibrations Check
  • Documents and "Case Candy" Check
  • Clean and Polishing

In other words we prepare the guitars just like if it was for ourselves!

Why do we do that?

We believe that our online customer should get the same attentions and services we offer in our stores.

We prefer to give up a sale rather than send an instrument that will not be satisfying for our customers.

Do you offer this service in store too?

Yes. If you have any specific desire for Setup during your purchase in store, we will do it right away.

Can I forward any details about the Setup I would like?

Yes, you can forward us all the details about the desired Setup in order comments and notes.

Please, remember that our Setup process includes an optimization, not a customization. Any non-standard request, requiring permanent and invasive adjustments, will not be accepted unless specifically approvved, will incur in an upcharge and will break the Return Policy conditions.

Does the Setup include a Restring?

No, our Setup Process doesn't necessarily include a Restring. All our instruments are shipped in New or Refurbished conditions (B-Stock / Used items) therefore they don't usually need a Restring. We will change strings only if their conditions affect the performance of the instrument.