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Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335TD & TDC 2015

Wednesday 18 February, 2015

Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 Block VOSThanks to the magnificent work of the guys of Gibson Memphis division the semi-hollow line-up in the last years had huge improvements.

A brief introduction: the Gibson Memphis line up after last years changes could split in two sides. A "modern" side, including ES-335 Dot Reissue, ES-339, ES-390, ES-Les Paul - and an "historic" side, including all the reissues like the 1959 ES-175, the 1963 ES-335 "Block", the 1959 ES-335.

We cannot say which one sold more, because they are also priced differently and are made for different musicians, but for sure the new "historically correct" models have been an hit and satisfied the desire of those customers who wanted a vintage sounding instrument.

So those "historic reissues" were already amazing, very demanded. 

But for 2015 Mike Voltz and his team at Gibson Memphis decided improve further those historic reissues.

In 2014 only the more expensive 1959 ES-335 had adirondack red spruce bracing. For 2015 all the historic models, including those amazing 1963 ES-335TD & TDC 2015, will have quartersawn adirondack red spruce bracing.

This gives a huge sonic difference! They really sound amazing.

Other upgrades on those models include rolled fingerboard binding, for an improved "smooth" feeling, new historically accurate plastic parts with 45° bevel, accurate finish colors, historically accurate fingerboard inlays, lightweight centerblocks and new PAF-style MHS pickups. 

Those new MHS (Memphis Historic Specs) unpotted humbuckers feature Alnico II and Alnico III magnets. They are derived from the Burstbucker models, but more accurate in terms of vinitage specs. They sound great, even closer to the original PAF.

For prices, availability and full specs:

Gibson Memphis 1963 ES-335 Block 2015

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